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Engineering Services

Our team are specialists in the manufacture and installation service for the following machinery and equipment:

• Timber Racks - single sided, double sided, adjustable arms, lift up arms, all come supplied with tyre guards, braces and bolts as required.
• Conveyer and Rollers - including power rollers, gravity fed rollers and lift up table beds.
• We can provide you with tipping skips, repairs to side loaders and forklifts to help you carry out your work.
• Timber Bogeys of various designs
• Tanks and Bunds
• Gates and Fencing

We also offer a full onsite welding service that is specially planned to help you get going as soon as possible. Our specialist complete on site welding team can cater for all aspects of the construction industry and similar related services. All of our personnel are fully tested and coded to meet all European Standards to the highest quality. We are also able to back this up with our fully equipped welding and blacksmithing facility. If a job is too big to be completed on-site, we will arrange collection and take it back to our blacksmithing and fabrication facility.