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Plant Repairs

We are now third and fourth generation Blacksmiths, so have got the experience to carry out any Blacksmithing work you require. Our years of practice have given us great experience in forging, welding, heat treating and finishing, the four main techniques of blacksmithing. Our Workshop in Abbey Village, Chorley, is fully equipped with a forge, power hammers and heavy duty saw. We are able to manufacture a wide range of blacksmithing products including heavy-duty rings, shackles and swivels. We also specialise in the straightening and bending of light and heavy, big or small steel components. We heat the steel in our forge to a forging heat which allows the metal to bend more easily. The actual bending is carried out using a hammer over the horn or edge of the anvil. We are experts in the complete manufacture of fencing and gates. We produce all of our own fencing and gates products in our workshop. We can also offer a full repair service to all fencing and gates.